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Trip to Kåseberga:

Hej, Well-deserved pause, finally 🙂 Travelling & seeing new places is the best way to relax, at least for me. And it can also be both a treat and a reward.  It has been a lot of  studying on “Sustainability in Service Organisations” course lately plus seminar, project work (on CSR&Sustainability) and written exam (3-5h) that was submitted yeasterday, I … Läs mer

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Lund University Scholarship Ceremony!

Time Flies! Yesterday was the day of the Lund University Scholarship ceremony. Looking back at our photo from the ceremony a year ago I have so many memories passing by, it is great to see how much have been accomplished and how fulfilling a one year can be when you study in a multicultural and innovative environment.       … Läs mer

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Students’ weekdays & Projects

Hej allihop!  This first semester all three specializations of the Master Students in Service Management are again brought together for the Sustainability course. It covers  a lot of diffrent aspects and embeds Sustainable lifestyle, urban development, transport, marketing, consumption, waste management and also Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of Environmental, Social and Economical issues. Lectures are almost everyday and currently … Läs mer

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Helsingborg is the right place to be!

  Hej, Helsingborgs Students! Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather as its all about study:life balance and some ice cream! Nowadays I am a second year Master Student in Service Managmenet: Tourism, but a year ago I found myself as a new comer to the Campus & Helsingborg city.  Though it seems like just 1 year has passed a … Läs mer

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New Year, New Plans?

Happy new year for all the readers of this blog! I sincerely hope your year has started well. I just arrived home from a gym full of people. The amount of folks seems to double there every January. Same applies to the campus, which is packed with students getting ready for their first exams of the year. After admiring people who kick-start their year … Läs mer

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Stress (it)

Lately it´s been all about multitasking, including: Reading new course, which is interesting and information intense Getting ready for examination (!!!) Throwing journal academy Concentrating on wellbeing when the amount of light decreases quickly Trying to fix my Swedish Trying to take care of people around me Trying to take care of dog around me Getting ready to show my … Läs mer

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How about doing nothing or anything

Freedom is waking up in the morning and choosing to do nothing or anything. -The irrational man I won´t give you a review about Woody Allen´s recent work, but i must tell you the quote (articulated as i remember it, so not exactly right but close enough) from the movie made me wonder about the freedom of student life. The … Läs mer

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Give and Get Back

So I met almost thirty new people today at Supplementary Instruction session. When it was the time for me to take the lead of the wrap-up, I started with an aim to organize some groups just to get people writing their ideas on some post-its. Suddenly I was interrupted by one of the Freshmen bringing out his view on how the ideas could be … Läs mer

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Back to School

So went summer and now it´s time to orientate into new academic year here in Helsingborg. If you ask anyone from Nordics how their summer was, the standard answer is “Short”. The thing is, summer in Nordic is kind of bitter sweet; So beautiful and kind of quick! For me the summer was also educating thanks to my gorgeous workplace Hotel Kämp. … Läs mer

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Jag har himlen runt hörnet

I want to give you a picture of how my home hoods here in Helsingborg are, and i cannot come up with better heading than the name of one Swedish song:  Jag har himlen runt hörnet- which means that i have heaven around the corner. Ramlösa is neighborhood about five kilometers from Campus Helsingborg and Helsingborg down town. The distance is perfect in … Läs mer

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