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Pixla Piren: Ljusfenomenet Mareld

Hej! It was a really interesting Ljus Show at PixlaPiren this Saturday: Ljusfenomenet Mareld from Helsinki, that warmed up the rainy November evening :). Hope there will be more exciting events to visit in the coming year: Show must go on 🙂 Mvh, Anna

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What is there to do in Helsingborg in November?

Hej, Time flies and November is already here, though it can be real fun if to know  right places & dates :), besides friends’ parties 🙂 Very Soon: on 3-6thNovember 17-21:00 it will be days of a beautiful Festival of Light at Sofiero  https://sofiero.se/event/ljusstamning/ And on 4thNovember 17- 22, there will be a Ljusfenomenet Mareld that will take place at … Läs mer

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Igår hade Stampus kickoff för alla som är delaktiga och engagerade i kåren. Det var 5-kamp på schemat mellan de olika bar- och matlagen, riktigt roligt påfynd! Alla högskolestudenter blev som små barn på nytt, vårt barnasinne är än kvar! Vi fick leka pang pang med Laserdome (jisses så man lever sig in i rollen, kryper och ålar sig fram för att … Läs mer

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Lund University Scholarship Ceremony!

Time Flies! Yesterday was the day of the Lund University Scholarship ceremony. Looking back at our photo from the ceremony a year ago I have so many memories passing by, it is great to see how much have been accomplished and how fulfilling a one year can be when you study in a multicultural and innovative environment.       … Läs mer

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Students’ weekdays & Projects

Hej allihop!  This first semester all three specializations of the Master Students in Service Management are again brought together for the Sustainability course. It covers  a lot of diffrent aspects and embeds Sustainable lifestyle, urban development, transport, marketing, consumption, waste management and also Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of Environmental, Social and Economical issues. Lectures are almost everyday and currently … Läs mer

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Helsingborg is the right place to be!

  Hej, Helsingborgs Students! Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather as its all about study:life balance and some ice cream! Nowadays I am a second year Master Student in Service Managmenet: Tourism, but a year ago I found myself as a new comer to the Campus & Helsingborg city.  Though it seems like just 1 year has passed a … Läs mer

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Karriärkväll med EF

Igår var det en händelserik kväll, jag hade nämligen bokat in mig på Agoras karriärkväll med EF. Jag menar, jag är inne på mitt sista år på Service Management Turism och snart min sista termin! Sen står jag där med min examen och har hela världen och många olika alternativ framför mig – Vad ska jag egentligen göra? Vad ska … Läs mer

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Workshopping at Copenhagen

Yesterday was finally the time for our tourism student group to head to Denmark in order to attend a social media workshop with bunch of Bachelor students from Copenhagen Business School. The day at CBS was intensive in terms of trying to absorb all the new information from the lectures by Ana Mariá Munar (Copenhagen Business School) and Mia Larson (Lund University), … Läs mer

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Hello Everyone, it’s always so interesting to write about my current activities as a student at Campus Helsingborg – Lund University. So here, it is a glimpse, a short story of everything cool! There were four activities and each of them has brief details. 1. A Logistics Mingle at Campus Helsingborg Logistics company representatives and old students from DHL, Everfresh, relog, … Läs mer

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ITB Berlin

Last week I spend three days in ITB Berlin, which can be characterized a “pretty big deal” for travel professionals around the globe (in case you feel like learning what ITB actually is, check this). My background lies in hospitality business, so no surprise I found myself mostly seated in hall 7, the venue dedicated to Hospitality, Future and else. One of the hot topic … Läs mer

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